Health Bar


b. 1986, HK.

We create inclusive and welcoming video game pop-ups. Our dream is to open a video game café with the vibe of a legendary independent record store - somewhere you can play games, make friends, and discover some deep cuts.

How is Health Bar different from other social gaming experiences? 

If games intrigue you, but you're worried about being "bad at them" . . . If you love video games, but don't love the played out dude-ified culture . . . Or if you want to get into obscure games, but don't know where to start . . .

We believe there’s a game out there for everyone. And we prioritise first-timers, women, LGBTQ+ folk, and people of colour, in opposition to toxic “gamer culture”.


Matthew Moon is a writer and musician from Brighton, UK. He grew up putting on DIY gigs in small towns, and has brought that experience to Health Bar. The first video game he ever 100% completed was Super Mario World when he was 8 years old. If he could be any character from video games, he'd be Bayonetta, because she always looks like she's having the best time.


Xandice Armah is a DJ and promoter from London, UK. Their love affair with gaming started with a Nintendo Gameboy at the tender age of 5. If they could change anything about games, all of them would be available on handheld consoles so they could play 24/7.


Brighton Youth Centre
University of Brighton
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